Steve Stoler spent 34 years of his life as a storyteller. 

Along the way, he witnessed incredible experiences few people see in a lifetime.  While millions of people across the country watch local television news every day, few viewers ever get a glimpse of the stories behind the stories from the perspective of the reporter.  With such tight time constraints, tantalizing information and compelling back stories are often left on the cutting room floor.  In Tonight at Ten: A TV News Reporter’s Stories Behind the Stories, Steve shares his “stories behind the stories” from the most amazing reports of his long career. 

He takes readers back to his stints at some of the smallest and worst television stations in the country.  He also shares an array of powerful stories, from his emotional on-the-air battle with cancer to his eyewitness accounts of covering disasters, executions, hostage standoffs and a toddler who became world famous after spending 52 hours trapped in a West Texas well.  Finally, Steve take the “gloves off” with a no-holds-barred look at the drastic changes in broadcast journalism that have had a huge impact on the industry.