Steve Stoler is a veteran Emmy Award winning television news reporter, whose career spanned more than three decades at six television stations in Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas.  Steve’s assignments ranged from covering Texas politics to the environment.  He covered almost every type of news story imaginable, from major disasters and high-profile murder trials to politics and gut-wrenching hostage situations.  He is one of the only journalists in Texas to witness multiple executions.  Throughout his career, Steve became an eyewitness to history.  He interviewed presidents. He covered the Branch Davidian standoff near Waco.


He was one of the first reporters on the scene in West, Texas, after a fertilizer plant exploded.  After 34 years in TV news, Steve moved to the “other side” of the communications world.  In December, 2013, he joined the City of Plano, Texas, as Director of Media Relations.  His extensive experience in broadcast journalism and media relations give him a unique perspective on working effectively with the media.  Steve developed several media training courses and is a highly sought after speaker at state and national conferences.  Steve serves on several nonprofit boards and lives in Plano, Texas with his wife, Susan and two sons, Jordan and Jake.