Tonight at Ten Reviews


"Tonight at Ten was a fantastic read, like interviewing the interviewer, but with added insight you'd never otherwise see. So many incredulous stories, so much emotion, and a credible glimpse into the amount of time and effort that goes into a short broadcast. I really enjoyed that you provided so much closure that often never comes with the original story. You are missed on the air, but thank you for sharing your unique perspective on the news stories of my time."
Rick Stein


"The mere fact that I finished this book over two evenings is testament to how compelling a read it is. I normally read periodicals because I don't have the attention span to read most books! Each story in your book compelled me to read the next. The stories varied so much in their content...some made me laugh (We Can't, We're Broke), some were inspiring (Forty-eight hours in a Hole) and several brought tears to my eyes (Horror in a Boxcar). I was very interested to learn about your association and friendship with Jim Dunlap - my girlfriend from many years ago volunteered at the Outdoor Learning Center and thought so very highly of him. She introduced me to him once when I visited there. This, like many of the stories in the book drew me in because I kept thinking about where I was and what I was doing when some of these stories unfolded. And you were there! I can't pay higher praise than to say your book took me on an emotional roller coaster with tracks that journeyed down memory lane. Great read Steve and best wishes on your sales and upcoming book signings!"
Frank W. Morgan


"Reading it now and loving it. Touches the heart in so many ways. Thanks for sharing these special memories."
Andre Davidson


"I loved it! I laughed, I cried, and was flooded with memories of news stories I had forgot about."
Vickie Harris


"If one enjoys non-fiction, personal accounts of life's dramas as much as I do, this is a great edition to your library."
Rick Grady


"Well written, witty, and full of his honesty. I cried and laughed. I loved this book!"
Becky Stalcup


"I thought it was a balanced mix of some really funny stories and some tragic ones. I can't imagine reporting on something like the boxcar. That's just so heartbreaking. But on the other hand, there are some really great moments of triumph as well. I think especially now when media is sort of demonized, it offers a fresh take. And it's pretty real too. I've never thought about the pressure to get a good shot, even at the expense of the news crew. We news watchers take that for granted."
Alex Cronin


"Strap in because this a fun ride with thrilling moments, all told through the eyes of a compassionate storyteller. Steve is a gem of a journalist who illustrates that fairness and goodness can be partners".
Dawn Tongish, Former Anchor


"Steve Stoler is a familiar face and voice for those of us in North Texas. This book does an amazing job describing many of the noteworthy events that have shaped the past 30 years in the DFW Metroplex. Steve was definitely a hometown reporter who happened to work in a very large region. His stories provide a great glimpse at the work behind the camera as well as insight into the approach of a seasoned television anchor and reporter. From battles with Mother Nature, to technical difficulties, and workplace conflicts, Steve shares a unique and entertaining behind the scenes approach to life in the news.
Amazon Customer


"I couldn't decide if this book was more about the stories behind the stories or the man behind the stories behind the stories. Either way, it was an enjoyable read written by one of the good guys. Sorry to see it end."
Regina Ryan